MBA: Full Form, Courses, Top Colleges, Admission, Syllabus

MBA: Full Form, Courses, Top Colleges, Admission, Syllabus

MBA Course: If you are over with your bachelor’s degree most of you are definitely looking forward for pursuing master’s degree as in MBA and PGDM courses (MBA\PGDM). With the ascent of corporate culture just as support to business in India, we can see the increasing number of understudies or students are picking the executives considers.
Although, both the courses MBA\PGDM basically train you for administrative and administrative role. There are few technical differences between both the courses. Perhaps the most striking among these are the formal names of both. The full form of MBA is Master of Business Administration, which is a degree of post graduation. The full form PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. But PGDM program is considered being a diploma.

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What is MBA?

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration which considered being a Post graduation Degree in Management. It is offered by most of the management colleges and universities all over the world. As MBA is a master’s degree, which one can peruse after completing their bachelor’s degree. It is offered by only some recognized institutions affiliated to reputed universities in Business Administration. Such universities follow a particular curriculum designed for the course while offering bachelors, masters or any of the doctorate degrees.

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Reason why a candidate should opt for MBA

Master’s of Business Administration is a very famous degree that accelerates career aspirations of students who are looking forward to pursue a management career path. It also gives an opportunity to the early level professionals to directly jump into senior positions with greater responsibilities. Usually MBA is a course which is 2 years of duration in total. There are a several reasons to more forward to opt an MBA.
Most of the candidates pursue the MBA programs with a sole purpose to hone their skills and become entrepreneurs and business leaders. The best part about seeking after a MBA is that the course isn't limited to a field. It isn't of importance on the off chance that you have designing, trade or an expressions degree. What is significant is that you need to make a vocation in administration and are keen on a specific useful region. In any case, there still are some key factors that you should consider prior to picking a MBA program. This progression is critical as your whole vocation relies upon it

Some specializations of MBA courses:

1. Full time MBA courses
2. Accelerated One-year MBA courses
3. Part-time MBA courses
4. Executive MBA courses
No matter what type of MBA course you opt for, just by adding your degree of MBA in your resume it can boost your career prospects.

What is PGDM?

PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. It is a diploma based course and not a degree. PGDM can also be offered by such institutes which are not affiliated to any university. Such institutes are not allowed to offer an MBA degree for the candidates because All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) approves these colleges to offer PGDM courses. The course is based on the kind of mixture of industry requirements and incorporates the key features from AICTE’s model curriculum.

Reason why a candidate should opt for PGDM

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is aimed at providing the candidates and students straight out of school searching for an administration vocation, or experts with an encounter of around two years needing to propel their profession possibilities. The PGDM course is advantageous as up-and-comers who are business-driven and zeroed in on advancement and manageability, are in gigantic interest. The program gives the students a broad and a vivid openness to every one of the ideas of the board.
The possibility of PGDM program is to coordinate learning and openness across every utilitarian region and furthermore awareness. A part of some of the educational strategies of PGDM programs are creative and are a mixture of the state of the art patterns in the particular business. Temporary positions are additionally required and a piece of the educational plan to give the understudies significant industry openness and experience, assisting them with fostering their expert objectives. The main point of the PGDM program is to maintain a balanced character that is prepared to take on the thorough business world.

Some specializations of PGDM courses:

1. Marketing
2. Finance
3. Analytics and human resources


Affiliation and accreditation of MBA and PGDM

As MBA course is a degree, as it can only be offered by only those institutes who are affiliated to the universities. Their curriculum is officially recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC).
On the other hand, self governing like IIMs is not authorized to offer degree kind of the degree. Therefore, the courses identified with Post Graduation in Management are perceived as recognition and is additionally controlled by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

Academic differences of MBA and PGDM

Both the courses MBA and PGDM have their own point moved toward train you for the administration and organization area, their methodology contrast altogether. While a MBA course will in general be more hypothetical, a PGDM centers around the specialized perspectives, and giving openness to genuine business circumstances. Likewise, a PGDM is altogether different from a one-year PGP presented by numbers of private establishments all over the India. One more benefit of a Post Graduate Diploma in Management is, as it is presented via independent establishments, the educational program can be overhauled all the more often to remember the new changes and patterns for business the executives. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you wish to seek after advanced education abroad, a PGDM is viewed as a confirmation, while a college partnered MBA is considered a degree, giving you a superior standing.

Top MBA and PGDM colleges in India

1. Indian institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore (PGDM)
2. ICFAI Business School (IBS) (MBA)
3. Indian institute of Management (IIM) Kozhikode (PGP)
4. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) Maharashtra (MBA)
5. Indian institute of Management (IIMC)Kolkata (PGPM)
6. Indian institute of Foreign trade (IIFT) Delhi (MBA)
7. FMS Delhi- faculty of management studies (MBA)
8. XLRI Xavier School of management, Jamshedpur (PGDM)